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Cleanly moving cleaning – Make your move easier and leave both the final cleaning of the old home and the moving cleaning of the new home to professionals, thus guaranteeing yourself an easier and stress-free moving day. We provide thorough moving cleaning and comprehensive additional services just for your needs.

Moving cleaning includes:

Wiping dust and stains (no removal of ingrained stains)

  • Shelves and countertops (height less than 180cm)
  • Doors and door frames
  • Door handles and light switches
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Radiators and fans(from outside)
  • Tile walls
  • Painted walls (dust wiping with a dry cloth))
  • Wardrobes (inside and outside)
  • Windows: only from inside the apartment (comprehensive window cleaning can be ordered separately)


  • Vacuuming floors and floor moldings
  • Damp wiping of the floors
  • Tile walls
  • Countertop surfaces
  • Sinks and taps
  • Cabinets and doors (inside and outside)
  • Cooker hood (no filter)
  • Exterior surfaces of oven and refrigerator (Internal cleaning to be ordered separately)
  • Cabinets (inside and outside)
  • Taps and sinks
  • Shower and bathtub
  • Toilet seat
  • Tile walls and visible pipes
  • Surface cleaning of the floor and floor drain
  • floor washing
  • Sauna floor & mirror door
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Removal of ingrained stains
  • Opening drains and pipe blockages
  • Cleaning of cooker hood / air conditioning filters/
  • Washing the walls
  • Cleaning the ceiling and other surfaces that cannot be reached without help (Objects located more than 180cm high)
  • Moving heavy furniture or home appliances
  • Inside washing of refrigerator and freezer (must be empty and defrosted in advance) – 45mins
  • Oven inside and outside washing (the customer must move the oven in advance) – 1h
  • Sauna (benches & railings) – 1h
  • Balcony floor and surfaces (no ingrained stains) – 30mins
  • Window blinds (dusting) – duration case-by-case
  • Window cleaning – duration case-by-case
  • Damp wiping of painted walls (no removal of stubborn stains) – duration case-by-case

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    We will be happy to offer you a moving quote as well. Our moving partner is

    We bring with us

    • Vacuum cleaner, floor brush, mop
    • Bucket, toilet brush
    • General and bathroom detergents
    • Glass/Window cleaning detergents and tools
    • Other necessary detergents (sauna, oven)
    • Other basic supplies (rags, sponges, towels)

    The customer should offer

    • Opening the door
    • Empty apartment
    • The necessary special keys (e.g. the window key for window cleaning)
    • Lights, electricity and water



    Moving cleaning prices

    Price examples

    Moving cleaning and final cleaning price 46€/person-hour. Depending on the size of the apartment, there will be either one or two cleaners for the cleaning. Work hours performed are billed per cleaner, e.g. 2 cleaners clean for 3 hours = 6h in total (3h x 2).
    The cleaning duration is an estimate of the move-in cleaning of a basic clean apartment, the final charge is according to the actual time spent.

    1 cleaner, Duration 3h

    incl. VAT

    Order Moving cleaning
    1 cleaner, Duration 4h

    inlc. VAT

    Order Moving cleaning
    2 cleaners, Duration 3h

    incl. VAT

    Order Moving cleaning

    Did you know that you can get a household deduction for cleaning services?
    In 2024, the household deduction is 60% of the price of the service you pay up to €3,500. The annual deductible is 100 euros. Read more here