Window cleaning

Window Washing

Shiny windows

Cleanly Window cleaning – Cleaning of your home windows conveniently and effortlessly. Let the professionals do the window washing for you and you will definitely get shiny windows. At the same time, we also clean the window frames and, if you wish, wipe the blinds.

Window Cleaning
  • Washing of all window surfaces that open inwards
  • Cleaning of window sills and frames
  • We only wash windows that open inwards
  • We only wash windows max. 3m high
  • The cleaner should have free access to the windows, so please move the furniture and curtains out of the way
  • Old and damaged windows are always cleaned at the customer’s responsibility
  • If for some reason the windows do not open in the normal opening way, those parts of the windows will be left unwashed.
  • Dusting the blinds with a feather duster – 30min – 1h
  • Damp wiping the blinds with a gloth – 1-2h
  • Cleaning of balcony glasses – 2-3h


In connection with the window cleaning we can also do home cleaning or moving cleaning at the same time. Request an offer for more than one service at a time.

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    We bring with us

    • Detergent for window surfaces
    • Window washer with extension
    • Bucket
    • Other needed tools (e.g. dust blower)
    • Other basic supplies (rags, sponges, towels)

    The customer should offer

    • Opening the door
    • Window key
    • Lights, electricity and water


    Window washing prices

    Price examples

    Window cleaning price is 48€/h. Durations are estimates, the final duration always depends on the number of windows, the window sizes and layers.

    1 cleaner, duration 2h

    Incl. VAT

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    1 cleaner, duration 2,5h

    Incl. VAT

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    1 cleaner, duration 3h

    Incl. VAT

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    Did you know that you can get a household deduction for cleaning services?
    In 2023, the household deduction is 60% of the price of the service you pay up to €3,500. The annual deductible is 100 euros. Read more here